The context of an request for an account.
The COIDParser can be used to validate COIDs and extract information.
The crypto helper can be used to encrypt or decrypt data with the defuse PHP encryption library.
An Exception that is thrown when the Core API returned an error.
An Exception that is thrown when an object's configuration doesn't match the client's expectations.
The SDKLoader helper allows developers to quickly load common PHP SDKs from API providers and apply configuration stored in CloudObjects.
The SharedSecretAuthentication helper allows developers to quickly implement authentication based on CloudObjects shared secrets.
The schema validator enables the validation of data against JSON schemas in the CloudObjects RDF format.
The NodeReader provides some convenience methods for reading information from an object graph node.
The ObjectRetriever provides access to objects on CloudObjects.
The APIClientFactory can be used to create a preconfigured Guzzle HTTP API client based on the configuration data available for an API on CloudObjects.
This is an extension of the GraphQL Client from the gmostafa/php-graphql-client package with the ability to provide a preconfigured Guzzle HTTP client.